March 17th
St Paddy’s Party!

Faith an’Begorra, everyone’s Irish today!


MAY 6th 2017
Kentucky Derby Day
It’s your opportunity to be a
Race Horse Owner and WIN!
Don’t forget your outstanding
Competitive DERBY HAT!
Bar opens at 11am on Derby Day
First race on Deck begins at 3!
Be a Jockey – Ride the Race!
Cash Prizes!






Celebrating 40 years!




August 12 

Pirate Party!
Special Sales!
Aye Scream Shenanagins! 
Release the Quacken!

Erie Canal Pirates Cove

May the Best Duck win!




August 20 & 21

    5th Annual Poker Run!
Boat, Drive, Bike, Skate, Fly…
whatever it takes to get
you a five-card draw!




Golf Tournament

TRUE Captain & Crew Event

Or as we like to call it;

“Pirate & Co-Pirate”








Join the flotilla from Pirates Cove!

Stay at the Cove and float out to hear the world’s best musical artists!!

Click on the photo or the link below to see the current schedule of artists